Guyana? Or Guayana?

It’s the first week of the summer holiday and it’s been raining for days, so I’ve been playing a lot of indoor football and handball with Dear Son. Yesterday, sometime in the afternoon, I told him that I needed to have a nap and that we can play something else until I fell asleep. (Yeah, I’m not that young anymore, I really need my beauty sleep :p )

We decided to play Stadt, Land, Fluss (=”City, Country, River”), a quiz game where we got a random alphabet and then we have to say (or write) a city, a country and a river starting with this alphabet. But instead of ‘River’ we decided on ‘Animal’. In Indonesia, we call this game “Pancasila 5 Dasar”. 🙂

So we lay on the bed and put our fingers out. Seven fingers, so we started with G.
Me: Götheburg
Him: Göttingen
Me: Guatemala
Him: Guayana
Me: No, it’s Guyana, not Guayana
Him: No mama, it’s Guayana, it said so in the book.
Me: Really? I want to see it.
He went to his room and picked the children atlas.

Guyana oder Guayana?

Me: Hmm… they probably misprinted. Let me have a look.
I took my mobile and started googling.
Me: See? It’s Guyana.
Him: That’s in English. In German it’s Guayana.
Me: No, no, it’s in German. See?!

But he still insisted that it’s called Guayana, and then he mentioned something about Französische-Guayana… in the end we decided to just move on.

This evening I have some quiet time so I had another look. Apparently there’s Guyana, which is also called Guyana in German, French Guiana (Französische-Guayana), and then there’s a region called The Guianas (Guyanas or Guayanas) which consists of Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname…

I wonder how long I can keep up with him. It’s still three weeks until his first day in the primary school!



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