About Us

I was born in Indonesia but I’ve been here in Germany half of my life.

I live in a small town with my husband Mr. P and our two children. We try to raise them bilingual, but both of them speak only German although they mostly understand me when I speak Indonesian. If he must, Dear Son does speak Indonesian a bit, especially when he chats with my parents. But Dear Daughter speaks almost exclusively German.

DS is about to start primary school, but he can already read since he’s 4 and he’s interested in maths and geography. His favourite apps in his mobile (which he’s only allowed to use at home, for a limited time everyday) are google maps and the weather radar. He knows a lot more cities in Europe than me. XD

DD is 4,5 yo, she still has 2 years in the Kindergarten. She loves playing dress up, but she also likes to build things with lego duplo or other brick toys. She can spend hours and hours in the swing. Her new kindergarten doesn’t have a normal swing, only a nest swing. But luckily there are two swings in the playground close to our new house.

Yes, we’re about to move to our first house. We’re in the middle of packing up our stuff and finishing the house.

Like a friend said in facebook, it’s exciting time! 🙂


July 2017


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